Duplicate Manager

Duplicate Manager 1

Automatically finds and removes Duplicates and Large Files.

Automatically finds and removes Duplicates and Large Files.

The Duplicate Manager quickly and effectively cleans up your Mac from the duplicates and keeps your precious time!

Why it's for you:

- The speed of finding duplicates 2-4 times higher compared with the similar apps (for a large number of files). Try the free version before buy pro.

- Easy to use and operation speed - these are the basic principles in the app concept.

- Compatibility with OS X 10.11-10.7 & Retina-Display.

- Pre-installed scan jobs.

- Automatically scans on a schedule any number of scan jobs. The app scans folders when you don’t use Mac. Don't spend your time on the scan process. Work with the scan results at any convenient time for you!

- Automatically selects really all duplicates. Don't spend your time on manual selection!

- The ability to set the folder priority and define which folder will keep the original.

- Keeps one original for all scan folders.

- Keeps one original in each scan folder.

- Multi-variance of the auto selection.

- Optimized to work with huge volumes of files. The minimum memory usage.

Duplicate Manager


Duplicate Manager 1